100 Things I’m Thankful For


Inspired by this happy little article over at Elephant Journal, 100 Things I am Grateful for TodayI’ve decided to put together my own Top 100 Thankful List.

It’s the end of October, and we’re headed towards the end of the year. I’m about to start a new chapter in my life (more on that later) and heck, it’s not-so-far away to Christmas, which is always a great time for remembering the good things over the year, looking forward to the next, and all that other warm fuzzy stuff.

I know too that I can tend to be a bit of a Misery Jane if you let me, so finding 100 things to be happy about instead of to whinge at is going to be a (wonderful, good-for-me, uplifting, positive, happy) adventure in thinking.

With every one that I write down, I send it out to the universe with a little spark of joy and a wish that it inspires good, happy thoughts in you too.

So, (in no particular order):

1. Peanut butter

2. My incredible parents

3. Health

4. Amazing friends (way too many to list here; read this to find them all, but especially grateful for the friends who have lasted through the decades, some going back over 20 years!)

5. Rain and big, fat, gloopy thunderstorms

6. The dogs in our lives

7. Intuition

8. Sephora

9. Writing, writing, writing

10. And reading, reading, reading: books

11. Massages

12. Acupuncture and ayurveda

13. The ability to sleep

14. Music

15. An able-bodied body (for running, yoga, climbing stairs, driving, walking etc)

16. Driving (in my own car)

17. Post-it notes

18. Elephant Journal (and all the people I’ve met through the apprenticeship with them)

19. Healing

20. Fairies

21. Hair treatments (or, just having hair)

22. Cupcakes (more specifically, icing)

23. My four years at university

24. Beautiful magazines

25. Bread (yes, even the ones made with white flour)

26. Hello Kitty (and all her friends)

27. Dresses

28. Bollywood (more specifically, Aamir Khan movies)

29. Tray cafe

30. Midday manicures

31. Weekly teatime hangouts with a bestie (you know who you are!)

32. Clarity

33. Oracle cards

34. Hot water (and electricity)

35. Television (!)

36. Being a little bit fat

37. Laughing and occasions for being silly

38. Potatoes

39. 2 arms, 2 legs, 10 fingers, 10 toes

40. Cheap travel

41. The radio

42. This tiny, almost-invisible space of my blog

43. False eyelashes

44. Cheese

45. Mugs of tea

46. Cameras and photographs

47. Good conversation

48. Sunshine all year round

49.  Cheques

50. Flowers

51. Living in a country without natural disasters or wars

52. To have the basic freedoms that are so hugely denied to women in so many places—education, voting, safety etc.

53. Flirting

54. Education and literacy (truly—what a massive, massive thing we so often take for granted)

55. Spirit, the universe, God, the divine or whatever you call it

56. (Never thought I’d ever say this but…) Being small chested

57. Acne-free skin

58. Punctuation (especially em dashes)

59. Yoga

60. Hilda

61. Good teeth

62. Not having diabetes

63. Facebook (did I really just admit that?)

64. Fancy underwear

65. Having all my senses in tact

66. Good sex (yes, you’ll never be quite so grateful for this as when you’ve had a large enough dose of undeniably bad sex)

67. India

68. Afternoon naps

69. Air-conditioning (or heaters. depending on where you are)

70. Stays in 5star hotels

71. Ice cream (why is so much of my list about food?)

72. Weekends and public holidays

73. Time spent with Kong Kong, my grandfather

74. Living in the tropics

75. Soap (well, anything that’s foamy and cleans, and clorox)

76. Late night writing spells and midnight inspirations

77. Comfortable, awesome-looking shoes

78. Friendly waiters, barisatas, sales assistants

79. Being able to swim

80. Knowing what it is to fall in love (and be loved)

81. Lemons

82. Today, tomorrow, the day after

83. Snooze buttons

84. The city

85. Highways

86. Meditation and breathing

87. Les Mills programmes (BodyStep, BodyCombat, BodyBalance)

88. Beautiful, artful, creations by local artists like  The Lollipop House and NotBook Notbuk

89. Big literary romances

90. The special something of being able to get any job I want (well, it seems to have worked for at least the last 12 years)

91. Political, religious, expressive freedoms

92. Print media

93. Money (whatever I have)

94. Imagination; creativity; challenging writing projects

95. Personal space, quiet, personal peace

96. Vodka and big nights out

97. Beach holidays (and Tanjong Jara—may it stand forever)

98. Being right where I am right now (physically and figuratively)

99. Dinners, lounging, coffees with parents

100. This exercise of putting together a gratitude list

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