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I’d posted a few links in here to my elephant journal articles in previous months but I know I haven’t really kept up to date with this — I think this is probably a good thing though, as it’s only because I’ve been writing quite a lot over there that it’s become a bit too much to keep updating over here.

I’ve also been very fortunate to be a part of the apprenticeship that the kind people at elephant journal organize throughout the year. So, so, very highly recommended for anyone who loves to write, is passionate about the written word and wants to send a little balloon of love into the world. It’s been such a privilege to work with and meet these brilliant writers from all around the world, to share new ideas, to peek inside their hearts and create wonderful new friendships. Never have I come across such raw and naked writing, or been a part of a community that is as passionate and true about what they do and as supportive of each other as this writing world of elephants.

Perhaps it’s the distance and a slight anonymity that allows us to tear open our hearts as freely as we do, to confide in each other and let every last feeling in our guts spill onto a keyboard.

Perhaps it’s knowing that these new friends approach every new piece that they’re reading or editing with only bright and positive intentions; that even if there are suggestions for change or ‘criticism’, they are given with a heart full of loving and a gentleness that can only come of one aspiring writer understanding another’s pains and joys and confusions.

Perhaps it’s because the world of elephants that I’ve been so very fortunate to be a member of is, ultimately, a very human, very real one which embraces every of our most human sides — from our vulnerable, frightened selves, to our expansive, bright ones.

Perhaps — oh no, most definitely — it is because the heart of elephant journal is about creating an enlightened society. What this means will vary largely from one individual to another of course, but I have taken this to mean that every interaction, article, comment and Facebook post that arises out of the blessings of elephants, is one that seeks only to create a more uplifting, positive, mindful place — in the tiny spaces of our hearts right through to the enormous spaces of the many worlds we inhabit.

It is incredible really, how much this little online community of writers, seekers and spiritual hearts has added to my life, even from such a far, far distance and within only a few months. I am amazed and grateful every single day when I wake up and see a big bunch of elephant messages in my Facebook notifications. There’s that lovely romance of new friendships (another post on this soon!), positive affirmations, a space that allows for unapologetic and safe expression and of course, tens of thousands of words of gorgeous writing and beautiful thoughts to make your heart swell.

Anyhoos, if you wanted to keep up with what I’m writing on Elephant Journal, head on over to the website and type in my name in the search box. A whole bunch of articles should come up (including the ones that I’ve been helping to edit or others which link to my articles) so look out specifically for the ones with my name in the title which are the ones written by me. Happy reading and leave a comment, share, like, spread the love <3 Better yet, may my little jumble of words somehow inspire you to write your own and submit them to the ever-growing, ever-loving herd of elephants.

Photo by  William Warby on Flickr Creative Commons

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