Day1: Hot water, lemon and chia seeds for a soft dose of comfort this Sunday #90daysofmindful 


There’s a fun, wonder-filled challenge going on at elephantjournal, to chronicle our mindful activities, thoughts, moments through Instagram. It’s called #90daysofmindful and here’s more info. Feel free to join in (and you could win a year-long subscription with them too)

So we all love photos, we love celebrations, we love thinking (and talking) about things—I could think of no better way to kick myself up the arse and do this. It would be the perfect way to actively search out beautiful, replenishing, fulfilling things in the everyday, and enjoying all of it for what it is—being in the moment, for the moment, with the moment.

Follow me on Instagram (@effortlessjamie) or here on the blog for the daily updates!

Or, to see how the rest of the world is celebrating mindfulness every day, check out the hashtag #90daysofmindful on Instagram. Breathe, and enjoy!


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