All the Lovely Things



I’m quite sure that by now, the 10 beings who read my blog (4 of which have four legs and are forced to look at my computer screen because I pick them up and point their noses towards my Mac) have now dwindled down to about only three people (two of which have fur and a tail).

But ah, I haven’t just been lazy. I finally have a more legitimate reason for not having blogged so frequently: a full time job, 6.30am wake-up calls (hah) and friends visiting from all around the world (which have meant many evenings out having many big dinners).

So, there have been many adventures in just two weeks and I shall endeavour to sit down some time this weekend and write them all out.

For now, remember to LOVE. And with a big, tacky, gold necklace like that, how could you not?

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