Becoming Effortlessly Beautiful

Circle picture AboutIf you’re reading this, it means you’re now looking at the new design of this blog. Wheeee! Big love and thanks to the amazing Nitin for doing for me and enduring my many stupid tech questions over email, over the weekends and on Indian national public holidays.

Are you loving it? Huh? Huh?

You better.

These days, it feels like every day – and every moment within that day – is a new me. It feels, more than ever, like I’m making a new decision for life at every turn. And while I’ve known this in theory for a long time (karma, choice, responsibility and all that), I feel the consequences of it so much more strongly now.

I think I’d been stuck in one narrative for far too long, so that even if it felt uncomfortable and painful, it also somehow felt easier in some way to stay there than to break out. The thing is, you often don’t realise you’re stuck in a staid, stale narrative while you’re stuck. It’s only after you consciously choose to step off that path that you see the infinite number of congruent paths that had always been leading off and onto it at the same time.

So here I am now, standing a fork in the road, that continues to fork and split off and multiply with every step I’m taking. There is a new choice of what to do, where to go, who to be — almost every day. This is exhilarating, frightening, thrilling, exciting, happy, peaceful all at once.

I’m telling myself a new narrative now, consciously choosing to take a path that will be ignited by passion and positivity, not fear and sadness which has long been the only story I’ve been told (and worse, believed). For a start, these few months have afford me the liberty to blog and write in a voice that is truly mine, with messages and thoughts that I truly want to convey. It feels empowering and liberating just to be able to write in a voice, and with a space and time and freedom that is all my own. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do this.

Coming from a place which controlled even the tone of my Facebook status updates (disallowed from posting anything negative, anything that sounded even remotely like a complaint, no “big statements”, no reflections/expression of our mood, no expletives, no, no, no, no…) having the entirety of a blank page to write exactly all that I want to feel think share love hate wonder contemplate is as basic but enormous a freedom as breathing. So I am telling myself — and the world I will create from my writing — many brand new narratives that are authentic, all and entirely me.

The blog’s face lift is just cosmetic (even though I do think it really is so so soooOOOooo beautiful!). More importantly, the reinvention of the blog itself since its newest incarnation in April, is trying to discover for the first time that essence of effortless beauty in its truest sense — that exquisite, simultaneously tiny and enormous bliss that comes of just being true to yourself, your desires, your intuition, your passions and the truths that you hear and know every moment you’re alive.

Effortless Beauty isn’t merely about looking a certain way, as I’m sure you’ve already figured out. It’s about living, working, playing and loving in a way that you find beauty everywhere, anywhere.

In a way that you find it in the most unlikely places.

In a way that when you find, feel, live, experience beauty all the time, you become it too. And effortlessly.

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