Birthday Week

birthday cake

Birthday: birth / day – which is to reborn again, in some way, if metaphorically.
Blow out the imaginary candles as you make a wish.
And start life all over again.

It was my birthday last week (or rather, anniversary of my 21st Birthday hah!). Got lots of lovely birthday messages of course, from the closest of friends to people I haven’t seen in over 12 years (well there you go, the wonders of Facebook that make people you hardly ever spoke to at school somehow feel like they must pop a birthday greeting every year on your wall!).

Also, an aunt who made an enormous cheesecake and drove up in the morning to hand-deliver it, together with a pink card and an angpow (cake AND money – honestly, what else could a birthday girl wish for!)

I’ve actually long thought that birthdays are a strange sort of thing to celebrate and I’ve never really been able to understand the fuss. It’s just another day, surely? I can’t deny I don’t love the attention though – who doesn’t love a day where it’s perfectly acceptable to eat yourself sick on cake and make unreasonable demands for completely nonsense presents like a Kabuki brush or (yet another) glittery watch?

But while all the goodies and love are always much appreciated and well received, I decided to do something different this year – to expect nothing and do nothing.

This is the first birthday in a very, very long time where I’ve felt this quiet in my head – without a need to celebrate, throw a party, be busy for the sake of celebrating… something, anything!

This year, I decided to go back to the very reason we celebrate birthdays – which is, I think, to bask in that simple happiness that we’re here and alive and filled with the infinite choices of where else to go and what else to do.

This year, I decided not to think of what I would like or fuss over what I haven’t gotten in the last year(s), but to just appreciate where I am now and feel happy for all the new things I can begin to do anew in this bright new, never-done-before 32nd year.

Birthday: birth / day – which is to reborn again on this day, in some way, if metaphorically.

And that, plus a little slice of magnificent cheesecake, is quite enough.

Pix from dan taylor

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