Celebrating Silliness

Okay, so that wasn’t very smart was it? I kept getting pesky emails about how my blog account blahblah-something was expiring and I needed to renew it but, not liking these sorts of technical things, I deleted all the emails and ignored them.

So what happens? I try to log in today and am told my account is suspend. Not very clever.

Panic. In the characteristically awkward dramatic way that I do.

Flap around the room because I don’t have a clue about these things.

Finally, though, because I did go to school, thankfully, and can read a sentence or two, I figured it out.

I’m back on track. Apologies to anyone who’s tried to log in over the last few days and been met with a mean, rude, message telling you to come back later (it wasn’t me, honest!).

These are the moments I feel like a proper idiot, and well, actually, there are so many moments like this in the everyday patchwork that is my life that I’ve learnt not to feel bad about it. It makes for a good laugh instead and a chortling sort of story.

Also, this month I’m celebrating the sort of silliness that Miranda Hart has made so endearing and fashionable. So, in the spirit of my most recent blunder of locking myself out of my own blog, here’s a giggly one for you. Up the silliness factor and feel glad for every time you slip and fall over the pavement.

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