Dance like no one’s watching (like this baby)

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This is for every one of us who needs to stop worrying about what others think.

Because every single one of us came into the world, oh so many years ago, without a care for what “they” would think or what “they” would say or how we would look if we did this or said that.

Because there was a time when we would follow only what our hearts and our bodies really wanted to do from deep inside each cell:

To speak the truest truth we knew in our littlest minds.

To laugh whenever the hell we wanted, even if it wasn’t appropriate.

To move and bop and let our bodies do what they do best.

To live only in the present (because that was the only time we knew and understood to be true).

To get up and dance or sing or play or whatever it is that spoke from the most primal place of happiness.

Because there was a time that the most important thing to do was to just be.

This super-short 53-second video made me laugh. Hard. Then I watched it again and laughed again. And again. And again.

In truth, I—and everyone else who was watching it with me—weren’t laughing at her. We were laughing because her unabashed dancing, her total lack of self-consciousness, her amazing spontaneity lights up that spark inside all of us that wishes we could just get up on our tables and disco away just like that.

We were laughing at the fact that no matter how ridiculous it might be for us, as grown-ups, to see or do something like this, it’s at the heart of what we’d really like to do too.

So, watch, giggle, laugh until your tummy jiggles and then get up and swing your arms with everything you’ve got.


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