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I know I’ve been really awfully erratic about blogging, going silent for ages and then blogging in a spurt of a mad, uncontrollable incontinence. Sorry about this. I’m in this kind of do-whatever-I-want mode for quite a few months now (totally loving it, by the way. Have had well enough of living like a workaholic-on-Ritalin.

But I’ve also been following the beautiful Shirley Maya who not only writes wonderfully (big love!) but is also extremely consistent about her blogging. This discipline has made me slightly envious but has also inspired me to try to be a bit more on the ball about this.

No promises, but I shall endeavour to write more regularly and in a more paced way, so it doesn’t quite resemble someone with such high doses of ADD. Let’s start today. Fingers looped over each other in a crossed sort of way!


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