Elephant Journal: 10 Tips for Yoga Beginners and Group Class Virgins

Second article up on Elephant Journal, published just over the Raya weekend (apt really, as an antidote to the long weekend of endless lazing and eating). Am really pleased with this, as it’s something I’ve personally struggled with for years – being way too self-conscious about being in yoga classes (or any sort of group exercise class).

So here you go – the 10 best tips to help you pluck up the courage to step foot into that BodyStep, yoga, pump or zumba class and make the most of the whole hour.



10 Tips for Yoga Beginners and
Group Class Virgins

I’ve just started going back to yoga after many, many years of not going.I’m as stiff as a board again and I struggle to hold any pose for more than two breaths.

I’m actually mad for group classes. I’ll do anything and am a self-proclaimed queen of all the LesMills workouts. But in yoga, I’m a newbie again, flailing through that one agonizing hour.

I’m that one person at the back of the room who is always taking the easy options, losing her balance and crashing into the wall, going back to downward dog because she can’t manage any of the other poses.

But I will soldier on.

Now that I’m a (sort of) beginner again, I got to thinking about how daunting it can actually be for anyone who’s just starting to go to yoga classes—or any sort of group exercise classes or practices.

Well I say, don’t be.

There’s actually no reason at all to be afraid and once you make group classes your friend, they’ll give you some of the best workouts you’ll ever have.

So here are 10 bits of wisdom I’ve gathered along the way for all yoga beginners and group class virgins to get started and jump right in (though watch your knees as you do)…..

Read the 10 tips and the full article here

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