Elephant Journal: Are You Empowered by Being Here?

My third article is now up on Elephant Journal. I think this is probably the most important article I’ve written since I started writing again a few months ago. It’s my most personal and most meaningful for what it has meant for me to find enough strength to cross a very difficult line and come out the other side.

It’s also so important to me because I think the advice I was given, which  inspired this article, is something everybody needs to know and really internalize. I think there are far too many of us out there in the world who are caught in situations which are disempowering, without us even realising it. It’s what continues to make us so sad, so disconnected, so lost. This article, I hope, will help place control and self-empowerment back in the hands of many who have probably forgotten what it even means to be able to make a full decision confidently and happily by themselves.

I can’t take credit, really, for writing this because the idea of it wouldn’t even have come about without the wisdom words of some incredible friends. They not only shone a torch down that pit I was in, but also reached their hands down to pull me out. This is what this advice and article is all about – that beam of light.


Are You Empowered by Being Here?

The single most important factor for determining of something (or someone) is right for you.

It surprises me that it has taken me this long to realize this simple—but massively powerful—truth for deciding if something (anything!) is worth staying around for.

It’s just one question, really, for every single situation that you find yourself in—a job, a relationship or marriage, a social circle, an activity or society. Just one big question you have to ask yourself that will answer every other question you have about this thing.

And that is…

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