Elephant Journal: Meet The Worm (Your Inner Voice)


Am really stoked that I’ve had some articles published on Elephant Journal recently. I’ve been a big fan of them for ages and it’s always been something I’ve wanted to do, to sit down and write something for them. And here I am now – published and clocking up the views. There’s even a little tarty photo of me to boo in the writer’s bio at the bottom.

My first article was out about 3 weeks ago. A little of it is below, but you’ll have to click to the original to read full story. So click click! Read on!



Meet The Worm (Your Inner Voice)


Take heed of that wiggling, niggling gut feeling!

We all have that inner voice, that nauseating gut instinct telling us the things we really need to know, but often deny. Call it intuition, psychic seconds or just a very clever, fast, computing subconscious that knows how to make a snap judgment—it’s there and we know it. Whether we listen to it or not makes all the difference.

A dear friend of mine, healer and author Anne Jones, has given this instinctive thought/voice/feeling a name. She calls it “The Worm,” which really is the perfect name for what it is. Like all worms, this one niggles and wriggles, it pokes you incessantly at the back of your mind, reminding you of whatever it is he feels you should know. He squirms his way up in between the tiniest of gaps in your thinking. He’s just always there until you listen to what he’s trying to tell you….

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