Feel Real


I know I spend way too much of my time looking at a screen – either my phone or my laptop. I guess you can’t get away from this if you’re a writer, although I have been thinking a lot recently about getting a good old fashioned typewriter and relearning to write spontaneously and freely (you can’t delete, ‘undo’, and cut & paste as easily on those typewriters!)

I read a line somewhere (yes, on a screen), that said something like, “Get a new hobby that doesn’t involve a screen”. I’ve been trying to be a bit more conscious about this since and trying to put myself back into the real world of tactile feelings.

It’s a Friday, so let’s make this weekend as screen-free as we can and go out to enjoy all the wonderful things the real world has to offer!

Lest we forget what that means, it’s things like:

– pick up a proper book and turn its pages (instead of just swiping a screen)

– buy a CD and support the artists you love (instead of being a download pirate)

– better yet, play a musical instrument yourself or write a song

– write a proper letter in your own handwriting (instead of just banging out a email in a san serif font)

– watch a movie in a cinema, make a day of it! (instead of being a download pirate). However, this one’s still a bit of a cheat since it still involves a screen. So…

– better yet, go to the theatre and watch real people do amazing things on stage

exercise (tapping your touchscreen and punching a keyboard doesn’t count)

bake and get your fingers grubby

– meet a friend for chats (not over Skype, Line, WeChat, Whatsapp or anything where you can’t physically reach over and pour them a cup of tea)

shop in a shop (not through an online shopping website). Pick up things, try them on, stand in a queue, chat to the cashier and pay by opening up a wallet and taking out cash

– discover your city (not through FourSquare, Facebook pages or Waze). Go for a walk in town, get lost in a random suburb (Cheras is always excellent for getting lost in, it’s so easy because it’s so bloody massive and confusing), visit something old and heritage.

If after doing all these incredible fun, real-life stuff, you find you MUST still check in with your screen and look at something online, make sure it includes jamiekhoo.com!


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