Friday’s Gift


Today, for the first time in a very long time, I have felt that frothy love for a Friday. For a while now, the days have bled into night which have bled from weekday to weekend to public holidays and back to weekdays, so there is a bit of novelty in living with this distinction between ‘working’ days and ‘rest’ days (Biblical, somehow!)

Also, though—to be clear—this joy for a Friday is not a resigned sort of TGIF relief or a feeling glad that the week is over. It is this:

It is joy in finding balance between work and play, being energetic and being restful, being serious and being silly.

It is a celebration of the new things I’m discovering, the old things I’m reconnecting with, new experiences, new thoughts, new bright feelings.

It is gratitude for plenty of great things that I’ve done, seen, laughed at, spoken about over the last five days, and a happy love for the things that are coming up over the next two.

So then—a little recap of things done, loved, felt, moved and made my heart sing:

>Discovering new, beautiful spaces in the heart of KL  (two gorgeous, too-much-to-drink events at Sky Dining @ Troika — why have I never been here before!)

>Getting to know and speak to some amazing women in the city who are doing such incredible work for women and the country in general.

>Writing a story about the most beautiful diamonds I’ve ever seen (when I’m not normally even into this jewellery sort of thing) — also, knowing that these diamonds are obtained from ethical, ‘clean’ sources.

>Stumbled about in Dialogue in the Dark, to experience life as someone blind and learn a whole new gratitude for my eyes (quite possibly, one of the most trippy but extremely awakening experiences I’ve done all year — totally recommend this to anyone who lives within 50 miles of any Dialogue in the Dark exhibition around the world).

>Meeting some extremely talented Malaysian artists, though I profess I’m more than a little bit awed and googly-eyed with Ivan lam.  He really is, like, soooOOOooO COOL, Joe Cool kinda cool.

>Bulgari party (need I say more)

>Cointreau party (ditto)

>A new little baby girl was delivered by stork to my eldest (and quite possible my most favourite) cousin. Hello, Minori poppet!

>Bumping into old friends everywhere + being ‘spotted’ by a new friend who follows my work (yay!)

>Discovering happy little comments on my ele journal articles from complete strangers and writers I’ve admired for a long time.


And then, the goodness of the weekend to look forward to:

>Kicked off Friday evening celebrating a best friend’s birthday, where we looked back on the year and celebrated break-throughs, new ideas, personal triumphs over our own little demons and great hair.

>Saturday morning with another of my favourite people, who suddenly had the morning free and wanted to meet.

>Tea with one of my very first friends when I came back to Malaysia, who I haven’t seen in about 7 years. Guaranteed laughing-until-we-cry.

>Two planned Skype chats with new friends I’ve been fortunate enough to meet through the fantastic ele journal community; one of the chats will include a peer review of my latest post (a simultaneous gulp! and a yay!).

>Writing Christmas cards and packing up presents to send around the world (oh, the first Christmas celebrations I’m doing in a long time)

>Writing, just lots and lots of writing (so many new ideas of things to scribble)

So yes, there is plenty to celebrate and really, I know I shouldn’t have to wait until a Friday to do this. With all the shocking news of deaths this week, I’m grateful just to be here, to breathe, to be, to move, to see, to love a little more. The photo for this post is of a wrapped bit of treasure because this is what it’s really all about—an immense gratitude for the gift of just being right where life has put me for the moment.

With that then, my lovelies, I’m sending unicorns your way and a friendly troll to usher in your weekend. May yours be as splendid as what I’m about to make mine.

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