Going it Alone

Something must be said about the little joy of going to watch a movie on your own. It’s something I discovered by accident awhile ago, when I found myself with a few rare spare hours and nothing to do – I happened to walk past the cinema then so bought a ticket for whatever movie was on next, some really bad thriller with a Halle Berry lookalike.

now, since I’ve been taking time off recently, I’ve been doing this a lot more – usually spontaneously when I’m near a cinema and find myself with lots of free time (which is always these days!), or sometimes planned, like today, when I drove out with the sole intention of spending a few splendid hours all by myself in a cinema hall.

I don’t know what it is – but a movie is somehow so much more exciting and enjoyable when you’re watching it by yourself. Go in the afternoon or mornings when there’s only about 6 people in the theatre with you, book yourself a seat right in the middle of a bunch of empties and sit with your legs up. I can only describe that whole solitary experience as an extremely LOVELY one, and if there’s ever a definition for what it means to have your own space and get lost in it – this is absolutely it.

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