Hair cut

It baffles me how obsessed people can get about their hair – myself included. When you think about it, it’s really just stuff that grows out of your head – and yet we will spend thousands in our lifetime grooming it, cutting it, colouring it, treating it, styling it to death.

Really, the answer is in the fact that it completely changes how you look and being as vain as we all are in this self-image-obsessed day and age, it’s hardly surprising how much we’d invest into it to make ourselves look better, smarter, sleeker, younger (insert whatever adjective it is you’re after).

So off I went to the salon today to get a much needed trim. I decided to cut it into a straight bob, thinking (rather mistakenly) that it would be look sleek and contemporary and smart. I envisioned one of those incredibly severe but sophisticated cuts that you imagine only villains and lawyers sport. Seeing as I am neither though, the finished result made me look nothing at all sophisticated nor sleek. It’s had instead, the rather unfortunate effect of returning me to my 6-year-old self. I look like an overgrown child.

Perhaps that’s not such a bad idea. I was quite cute then.


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