I had heard that one of my friends was feeling very stressed at work, so I sent her a text to ask how she’s doing.

She replied: “I went straight to the salon to cut my hair. Getting my hair done always make life seem better somehow”.

And you know, it’s absolutely true. Bad week at work? Go get some highlights. Just broke-up with your boyfriend? Get a hair-cut. Just made a frighteningly frightening life decision (and ran out of a situation in the middle of the night without your shoes)? Get some expensive hair treatments (which is precisely what I did just three days after I left).

It’s odd, this thing about hair – how much time and money and effort we will put into maintaining what is essentially just these scraggly bits of things that grow out the tops of our heads. It’s nothing particularly sophisticated or specific to humans, every mammoth has hair or fur. It’s one of the most basic, animalistic things actually. And yet, we spend such inordinate amounts of time grooming it, styling it, plastering it with product, treating it, curling it, straightening it, colouring it, cutting it, growing it long etc etc

See, there’s always something new you can do with it. There’s always something you can say about hair. The first thing many friends have said to me recently when they’ve emailed is, “Hey, your hair looks amazing!” or “You’ve got a great hair style right now!”. Trust me, just that one compliment alone – about a mere mop of hair – can brighten the hour.

Having great hair – and also hearing people tell you it’s great – is an instant happiness boost. With amazing hair, you also:
– get an extra spring in your step
– smile a bigger smile
– feel more confident
– stand a bit straighter (so people can see your hair as you swish it about)
– wear lipgloss
– forget your troubles (at least momentarily)
– feel you can do anything
– feel instantly more likeable and popular (much easier to chat up a random someone when you know you’ve got good hair)
– relax (which is what my friend had felt by the time she replied my message)

I’m all for doing things to our hair. Think of all the irate people in the world and if you could only plop them into a salon chair for a good two hours and do something wonderful with their hair – even if it’s only just a really good hair wash and massage, and a super blow-dry & style. I hold that there would be far fewer arguments in the world, less law suits and less grumpy bitches if people would only just go get their hair done when they’re having a bad day.

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