Happy new year! (and a belated Merry Christmas)


Wheee! Happy New Year, beautiful people!

Pardon the prolonged absences. I’ve been around, I promise, just not here. For now, here’s a present for 2015, a little vlog I’ve done with the splendid Shirley of The Art of Fearless Living—it’s our wish for all of you for the new year: a lot of effortless beauty and plenty of courage.

I’ve known Shirley for almost eight years now and we’ve been through just about all kinds of everything together, sort of an Amazing Race thing, you know, where it’s good and bad and ugly and cry-face-inducing things. You come out the other side with all sorts of new wild thoughts, and think, “Yeah, let’s do vlogs together!”

A note before you trolley off to watch this marvellous bit of video: we had started with the idea of just doing podcasts. We got about as far as saying “Hey, let’s do a podcast” and then couldn’t for the life and brain of both of us figure out how to do it. I had the grand idea of just squatting in front of my trusty voice recorder, shouting into it, uploading it somewhere and sending it out into the world. Ace. I was so proud of myself for even knowing how to do this.

But Shirley is much cleverer, and enlisted the help of three supremely talented men to help. This is why you now have clear, coordinated, professional, booootiful videos, and not just a squeaky mass of homemade audio.

So here we go: Part One, me on my faith in humanity, sharing the little body-image wisdom I gained in 2014 and doing a special dance; and Part Two, fearless Shirley talking about discovering courage in the world and what it takes to be beautifully brave.

I hope you’re as excited about this as I am, because I’m doing a little dance right now as I post this. There’ll be lots more vlogs in the new year, so let us know what else you’d like us to talk about (comments, rah!)

Part One – hoorah! 

Part Two – yahoo!


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