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Lovely that you’ve stumbled upon my site. Big hearty welcomes all around!

So here I am. I’m currently doing a PhD, researching contemporary constructions around feminine bodily beauty with the Centre for Women’s Studies at the University of York, UK.

As an Asian girl who spent a lot of time living in an Asian country, I struggled for years with being bigger than the average girl here, fat-shamed and bullied almost constantly. I suffered an eating disorder as a teenager, have done the whole gambit of diets and over-exercising, and continue to still struggle with body image issues.

After working in the fashion industry for awhile, I started to really question what contributes to building our perceptions of beauty, and why we hold so steadfastly to them, in ways that are ultimately harmful and pretty darn miserable. I decided to return to academic research to look at this in a more formal way. Through my research, I hope to find ways of expanding these conversations and to offer greater space to individual (‘ordinary’) women to define what it means for them to be in the world. I could talk about my research for hours, but for now, here’s a potted summary.

I also started and run a beauty full mind, a website set up to create space for discussion around issues of beauty (not just physical beauty, but all the ways it manifest in our lives).

As a former journalist, I also continue to write professionally for both print magazines and websites. You can see more of what I do on my portfolio page.

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