I am currently a PhD student at the Centre for Women’s Studies in the University of York. Please see below for conferences at which I have delivered papers, and my published work.

I also continue to write and blog on a freelance basis for a range of websites, including a beauty full mind, which I started, The Huffington Post UK Blog, and elephant journal.

Prior to beginning my doctoral research, I worked as a writer / journalist in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and have had extensive experience in a range of different publications around the city. Below are links to samples of my published writing.

If you’d like to work with me, please email at jpfkhoo (at) gmail [dot] com


Research profile



– May: Organising committee for  Traversing Boundaries: Interdisciplinary Social Research postgraduate conference, University of York
– February: Organising committee for CWS Annual Sisterhood-in-Action Conference)
– February: Messy bodies: The ‘messiness’ of doing feminist research across countries and cultures (CWS Annual Sisterhood-in-Action Conference, and Global Literature and Cultural Forum, both University of York)
– February: Are we what we wear, or what’s underneath? (The Space Between: Psyche, Body, Skin, Environment symposium, Fashion Research Network & Royal College of Art)


– December: Me and my gals: Female friendships in interviews (Doing Reflexivity: Practical Approaches to Methodological Complexities postgraduate conference, British Sociological Association & University of Brighton)
– July: ‘But is she pretty?’ ‘Doing beauty’ in fashion magazines and online (anti) beauty projects (Aesthetic Labour colloquium, University of Sheffield)
– June: Are you beach body ready? The (unchanging) representations of female bodily beauty in contemporary online media (The Modern Body conference, University of York)
– May: What rhymes with patriarchy: a slam poetry workshop (Feminist Activism: Social Change & Imagination conference, University of York)
– March: Our bodies, our lipstick (‘Everyday Feminism’ talks, York International Women’s Festival)
– February: We are more than our bodies: A discussion of the contemporary cultural meanings of the body (CWS Annual Sisterhood-in-Action Conference, University of York)

Discover Society

Are we what we wear, or ‘What’s Underneath’? (March 2017)


ELLE Malaysia


Articles on elle.my 

Print magazine


But first, let met take a selfie (August 2016)
Australian Masterchefs (Food & travel feature)
(March 2015)
Keeping it real (An interview with Nur Fazura) (January 2015)
All in good taste (Interviews with the Malaysian Tastemakers 2014) (Oct 2014)
I’m sooo busy (Sept 2014)
Love, Lily (Feature on Lily Collins) (Sept 2014)
So, got boyfriend yet? (Aug 2014)
Help or hindrance?
 (July 2014)
Five unexpected ways to find happiness (July 2014)
Flower power (June 2014)
It’s all in your head (May 2014)

Watches / Jewellery 

Wonderful watches (Round-up of Watches & Wonders 2014) (Nov 2014)
A golden age (July 2014)
Watch & Wonder (June 2014)
Cartier canon (May 2014)
La Dolce Vita (April 2014)


My weight is not my health (Oct 2014)
I’m not beautiful and that’s okay
(Sept 2014)
Nobody cares about your #Selfie
 (June 2014)
Goodbye Superwoman (March 2014)

Health / Fitness

The high-tech workout diaries (Sept 2014)
Workouts to go
 (April 2014)
Not your average calorie counter (March 2014)

(All PDFs courtesy of ELLE Malaysia/Mongoose Publishing Sdn Bhd)


elephant journal 

Columnist profile and all articles

Most popular / highly viewed articles

Are You Empowered By Being Here? 
The Before & After Photo I Never Wanted to See
Why I Will Always Choose to Be a Little Bit Fat
5 Ways to Make a Woman Feel Really Loved
How to Let Ourselves Be Loved


Calm (meditation app and blog)

When Saying No is the Nicest Thing You Can Do
Are Affirmations Wearing You Down?
The Expansive Joy of Doing Nothing


The Huffington Post UK blog

Blogger profile


Fat is Just a Word
Three Reasons Banning Skinny Models Isn’t the Answer
What Happened While I Was Gaining Weight
Why Instagram’s #Goddess and #Curvy Bans Are More Troubling Than You Think
Why the New ‘Body Diverse’ Barbies Miss the Mark Entirely


TimeOut KL

Back in time (Theatre feature, Kopi Susu) (Nov 2014)
Natural beauty (Beauty/Shopping feature)(Nov 2014)
Twice as nice (Cafe/Shopping feature)(Nov 2014)
Model citizen: Usha Devi K Sabanayagam (Oct 2014)
Wash & go (Beauty feature) (Oct 2014)
No strings attached (Health/Fitness feature) (Sept 2014)

(All PDFs courtesy of TimeOutKL / Mongoose Publishing Sdn Bhd)


Going Places
Malaysian Airlines In-Flight Magazine

Art & Design

December 2013
November 2013
September 2013
August 2013
July 2013

Travel Buddies

December 2013
November 2013
September 2013
August 2013
July 2013


December 2013
November 2013
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Travel Features

Nepal 101 (September 2012)

(All PDFs courtesy of Going Places / Spafax)


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