How To Put Your Life Back Together: Exercise

I know, I know. This makes you want to scroll down the page to another post but hear me out.

If you’re trying to Put Your Life Back Together, or if you want to Create Change In Your Boring Staid Life, I have to champion the case for exercise. It’s one of the first and most rewarding steps you can take for feeling an almost immediate boost in energy, confidence and power.

Obviously, find something you like – something you can have fun with and be social about – which can be anything from weight-lifting, to yoga, to dancing, to just pounding the shit out of that step board.

When you’re starting out with exercise don’t try to be a champion and tackle something you know you won’t like. That whole thing about Meeting Challenges Head-On and Doing Something You Hate to Overcome Your Dislike of It is all Just Rubbish. If you don’t like it, you’ll feel rotten throughout that one-hour-or-so that you’re doing it and probably give up before you’ve ever really gotten into it.

(Which is why – no matter how much people expound the Incomparable Benefits of Running to me, I never get into it. Works for some but 10 minutes on a treadmill is Pure Torture to me; the minutes never go so slowly as they do while I’m on it.)

Might take you a while to find out what you like. Don’t be afraid to try out new things because you could end up finding yourself loving (and being extremely good!) at something you never knew you would be. I went from Cardio Dance classes, to BodyPump, to whatever the hell else they offered at the gym until I fell in love with the Step Board and am now a die-hard BodyStep fan.

Now that I’m Putting My Life Back Together and/or whenever I’ve been in a bit of a rut in my life, one of my first and fail-proof Go-To’s is a BodyStep class. Nothing like huffing, puffing and stomping your way through 10 tracks until you feel like you’re heart’s about to bust out your chest and It Will Kill You to swing your arms up even once more. It’s exhausting, but by the end of the hour, the adrenaline and endorphin minions in your bloodstream are plentiful, rushing around buzzed and happy; you feel well accomplished, fitter, stronger; you can’t wait to come back again soon for the next class where you’re determined to jump higher and step with even more energy.

It’s not like you’re running a public listed company or cracking the year’s toughest criminal case, but pummeling your way to the top of your game, in whatever type exercise you’ve chosen, is a type of personal accomplishment that can and does lead to greater confidence and strength – inner and outer.

When you can master that toughie yoga pose, raise your step board to a higher level without dying, run that extra mile without your lungs bursting, or lift those extra few pounds of weight – you’ve achieved just a little bit more. It’s may not seem a lot, but celebrate it and let it all add up. In 6 months time, look back to see where and how you started, how tough it all was then. And all that muscle pain and feeling like you want to throw a weight at your instructor will be well worth it.


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