How To Put Your Life Back Together: Read books, watch movies

I’d forgotten that simple joy of reading. That delicious feeling of being wrapped up in bed with a good book and not a care in the world. I’d forgotten what it’s like to be able to put my phone on hold and not worry if it beeps, and to just immerse myself in another world.

For a long time, I knew only one world. I knew only one way to write and to speak and to think. I’m embarrassed to say that I’d forgotten all the infinite permutations of thoughts and ideas, worlds and creations out there, found not so far away on my bookshelf.

I’ve taken to reading again and I have to say that in the journey of Putting Your Life Back Together, this is possibly one of the best things you can do. You start seeing new possibilities again, new ways of thinking – most importantly, you realise the unending potential for yourself to get out there and start doing new things.

Watch movies too – especially great, big daring ones like Cloud Atlas, and the ones about larger-than-life personalities, like Hitchhock and The Iron Lady (not that I’m a particular fan of Thatcher but Meryl Streep’s performance alone was fascinating to watch).

And after all the fat doses of inspiration, huge new ideas and the courage you discover in between the lines of books and minutes of movies, you realise, heck, I’m not just going to put my life back together, I’m going to make it even more bloody fantastic than it was before.

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