How To Put Your Life Back Together: Renew


A new lease of life. A bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy new zest for living and doing and working and playing and loving and trying.

Because if you’re trying to put your life back together, it probably means you’ve hit rock bottom in some aspect of your life — or your whole life.

The good news is that this probably also means that you’re starting all anew and there’s a completely shiny blank canvas for you to start painting a whole new picture, tell a whole new narrative.

This is as best a time as any to throw all caution to the wind and try something — hell, anything and everything — new. By this stage, you probably also don’t have anything left to lose anyhow. You’ve already been down in that dark place and right now, anything is going to be an improvement on that.

So then, here I am — starting again from the bottom up. Poking my head out of that deep dark pit and seeing immeasurable vistas ahead. Taking another path. Dipping my big and little toes in the big unknown.

I’m like a child in a candy store now, Tigger-bouncing from one new thought to another. I’ll do this! And that! I’ll try out for that! I’ll challenge myself to this!

Among all the millions of things I could and am doing, I’ve been:
applying for amazing jobs that I’ve wanted to do forever
wearing make-up in the middle of the day
doing yoga
flirting with the kind of boys I used to think impossible to even look at
reconnecting with friends who have very near forgotten who I am (and vice versa)
making new friends
guest blogging for amazing people
reading all the mad, crazy shit I’ve had on my shelf for ages but never had the time to read
lifting weights
rediscovering all the wonder secrets of this little tiny place called Kuala Lumpur
going for random mini holidays in the middle of the week

Okay, so you get the idea.

IMG_20130903_130825There is birdsong outside my window now and that perfect smell of the air after it’s rained. I’ve got a pot of flower tea brewing, am surrounded by books, finishing off some monthly writing for two magazines — coddled by all the most comforting, happy things I love as I sit down to start a new project — applications for long-term postgraduate research degrees (just because I can because I’m such a fuckin’ brainiac, I tell ya!)

As you put yourself together, start by doing all the familiar, warm, joyful things you love. Then do the things that you’ve always dreamt of but been too busy, too scared, too concerned-about-something-or-other-else to do. You’ve come too far not to.

Fling your arms open, breathe, and jump into the new.

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