How To Put Your Life Back Together: Use Make-Up (yes, really)


I know we should all be for the whole Inner Beauty thing and while that’s all fair and good, I’m a strong believer that we can’t also just run about in public looking like a sack of old potatoes. Extolling our good inner qualities is no good if people aren’t even going to want to look at us in the first place for us to show them what amazing, beautiful, shiny people we are on the inside.

Unfortunately, outward appearances and first impressions do count. Biologically, this isn’t unusual. All animals are attracted to each other by their physical appearances first – the most colourful feathers, the biggest mane, the biggest nose or whatever. Human, being just slightly more sophisticated animals (so we say, though I know plenty of humans whose behavior is far less refined than any animal), are no different. We like looking at beautiful people; scientific studies show that even smell is also a significant factor of attraction for us (oh come on, you know how extra in-love you feel when you love the way your significant other smells – even if it does make you feel a bit like a monkey to be sniffing like that).

But this isn’t a blog post about attracting a mate. More important than anything, as you’re trying to Put Your Life Back Together, it’s important to feel good about yourself. And much as the militant feminists may disagree, I think make-up is a big, important and very helpful ingredient for this process. This is not to say we should all become the next pixiwoo. This isn’t about slapping on layers so thick you need to scrape off your face with a spatula at the end of the day. It’s about just bringing out the best of your features – giving yourself a little lift, adding a bit of colour and brightness, feeling effortlessly beautiful about yourself (and yes, it doesn’t require that much effort, I promise!)

A little preening isn’t being vain, it’s about looking good to feel good. And again, no, I don’t believe all that stuff about how it’s all on the inside. If you’re drab, slouchy and bland and look like an old sock, it’s going to be just that little harder to feel great about yourself, no matter how many positive affirmations you’re reciting  in your head.

You don’t need an entire boxful of stuff. You don’t need Mac’s entire eyeshadow palette. You don’t even need to buy stuff you don’t want to use (cream foundations – yuck). You’ll be surprised at what a difference just 2 or 3 really good products can make – an excellent eyeliner, some real sheer tinted moisturiser, a fix-everything bronzer, or super versatile lip gloss.

I don’t know how this works, but I promise you – there’s always this extra hidden ingredient in every bit of makeup that, when you’ve put it on, makes you sit up a bit straighter, open your eyes wider, hold your posture up better. It’s like some subconscious, psychological magic that makes you realise that having some make-up on (no matter how natural or subtle) doesn’t go with being a slouchy, slumpy, misery Jane.

So, to get you started, here’s a lazy girl’s guide to some super styled make-up goodies, a.k.a, my Absolutely Favourite Make-Up That Will Get You Through Any Day:


All the lovely stuff (Clockwise from top):
(Note: you don’t have to use all of it all at once. Pick and mix is good!)

-Powder Foundation (Medium), Shu Uemura
-Golden Mosaic Shimmer Bloc, Laura Mercier
-DiorShow Black Mascara, Dior
-Drawing Pencil (in brown or black), Shu Uemura
-Honeysuckle Lipgloss (no.42), Bobbi Brown
-Lavender Bloom Fake Eyelashes, Shu Uemura
-Kajal (eyeliner), Himalaya (sadly, not available in Malaysia but everywhere, and cheap, in India)
-The Porefessional (covers up all pores!), beneFit
-FakeUp Concealer (excellent for under the eyes), beneFit
– Dr FeelGood, beneFit (when you can’t be bothered with anything else, just slap some of this on and you’re good to go)

*Shantini, this post is dedicated to you, whose immaculate makeup and perfect skin will forever be an inspiration!

One thought on “How To Put Your Life Back Together: Use Make-Up (yes, really)

  1. hi jamie: I always believe that good skincare, some concealer and a dash of color on our lips makes a person look presentable. To look good is like having good manners. I remembered my dear mum who could not afford much in the early days, would keep a set of perfectly-pressed clothes when we go visit our aunt who married rich. She showed me how it is like to be poor with dignity. I also believe that beauty lies within the imperfections. I see that in the people around us.

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