day 7


#90daysofmindfulness Day 7

Been suffering awful headaches and nausea from all the disgusting Haze That Refuses To Go Away. Always tempting, on these days, to turn on the air-conditioning, crawl into bed and sleep it away. Today, I listened to my body—who told me she wanted to go dancing—and got me to a super jammin’ BodyJam class (a mashup of #69 + #70 – yeah!). I bopped and jumped , salsa’d and mambo’d, wiggled and jiggled—ooh, my body loved it!—and felt glad that I’d gotten out of the house and into the class.

Then, a bit of cardio to wind down, crunches and a long lazy stretchdown to make a cat proud.

Headache gone, nausea lessened. It’s a good day, and a good lesson about listening to your body.

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