Never wish for someone else’s body

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I’ve suddenly become very anxious about my hair falling out. I check the shower floor obsessively for how much hair there is each time I wash it. If it didn’t sound so crazy, I might even start counting the number of hairs.

So in an email to a friend recently, I lamented about this (slightly imagined) tragedy of hair loss. I said I wished I had thick, amazing hair like she did. Plus, she has an Audrey Heburn-esque beauty. There is much to be envious of.

She replied with this, which I thought was so brilliant I just had to share it here.

“The down side of thick hair is that it gets out of control and never looks as sleek as yours looks. Swings and roundabouts… Plus, never wish for someone else’s body, wish for the best version of your own.

Imagine how weird you’d look if you were a collage of different people’s best bits. Best yet, make one, see how silly it looks.”

That said, I’m off for a swim (where the chlorine of the pool will, surely, just erode away at my hair even further – gaaaah)

One thought on “Never wish for someone else’s body

  1. I’m already having the best version of my body. Doesn’t mean it couldn’t change for the better (or worse). At the moment, it’s doing its best. It always does.

    And guess what? It actually works. Amazing!

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