Rainbow coloured magic

Now I’m not usually one to do a hard-sell on a product. I am very scared of insurance and direct-sales agents. But I just HAVE to talk about this because it is magic and amazing and if it didn’t look so stupid, I might actually start building an altar to this bottle of stuff.


Shu Uemura’s Tsuya is REALLY TrulyMadlyDeeply amazing.

Being the cynical disbeliever I am (even as a giant fan of all things Shu Uemura), I would never believe that a bottle of stuff could make a difference. What nonsense. But they gave me a little free sample bottle to try and bam! I’m hooked. After a week, I felt like a whole new woman. It’s not like the usual rubbish they tell you at makeup counters, that this cream will do this and that! This one really does what it says it will – brighten, smoothen and reduce all that ugly dank sallow yellowness that loves to grow around Chinese faces.

And the serum itself is rainbow colored. I don’t know how they do it, but really – it’s shiny and silvery and when the light shines on it, rainbow colored rays radiate from it. It’s like when you open the bottle, you’re suddenly transported to a land of My Little Ponies, where clouds are made of cotton candy, and there are magical talking animals, and rainbows fly around the sky all day. How can you NOT love that they’ve packaged a rainbow into a bottle?


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