Skinny bitch

hungry skinny


So much truth in this. And also, the sole defining reason why I shall never, not in this lifetime, be skinny.

I can’t bear it you know, that agonising feeling of being hungry. Or worse, of eating something delicious but only in a portion that’s not quite enough — for example, a delicious, creamy pasta that comes in a tiny little bowl; a sandwich that’s not much bigger than a canape; a creme brulee that’s only as big as the teaspoon you’re supposed to eat it with. That’s all far, far worse than just being hungry. I think I’d rather not eat at all than just eat a tiny bit of something and then be told that that’s all for my daily calorie quota.

So this evening I’m staying in with all my favourite foods and celebrating not being skinny.


And here, in no particular order are all the things they tell you not to eat in every diet in the world but which are absolutely worth every last one of those calories, the cellulite, the  not-fitting-in-the-size-6-dress:

– Fudge
– Chocolate bars
– Ciabatta bread
– Ice cream
– Muruku
– Pasta
– Milkshakes
– Roti canai
– Cheese
– Fried eggs
– Fat chips, thin chips, every type of fried potato
– Nasi lemak
– Doritos
– Cupcakes (okay, all kinds of cake)
– Pizza
– Doughnuts
Yow char kuai
Pineapple tarts
– Bagels
– Hot chocolate
– Fried rice (especially the seafood one @ Grand Imperial)
– Macaroons (eating about 10 all at once)
– Fondue

And so the list goes on forever. Feel free to add your own — or better yet, go out and eat everything you love today. Enjoy the calories. Make ’em proud.

One thought on “Skinny bitch

  1. I think women try to be skinny to impress other women.

    I want 2 things from my body: heath, and to be attractive to men! For health, I pay attention to muscle and my teeth. A soft, curvaceous, rubenesque shape is pleasing to men. NOT obese, or heavier than he is, but a decent round shape with curves in the right places.

    Now you have me wondering what a murku or a nasi lemask are. hmm.

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