Starting anew (again)

It’s strange, to be writing in here again. Perhaps there was no such thing as coincidence that the blog before this one got hacked into just as I made the biggest leap I’ve had to in my short little life, into what was largely unknown and frightening territory.

I had to send a gallant boy in to scrap all the stuff in it and start me off again with a blank new blog – a terribly ironic mockery of my actual life.

So here I am, just stepped out of 8 years of my life (yes, life. Not just a job, or a phase or a passing boyfriend, but a whole life) and into a black mass of unknown. I’m allowing myself about 3 months, to reclaim all the weekends, days off and (some) rest that I haven’t had in about 6 years. I deserve it, I think, and I’m even trying not to feel guilty about it.

Also, a time to rediscover the world, since I seem to not really have been in it for a long while, having immersed myself into my own self-created bubble. I feel like one of those Fabricants from Cloud Atlas (oh, look at me, how up-to-date I am now), who has now emerged from the servery and into neo Korea. There’s so much to see! And do! And (re)learn!

3 thoughts on “Starting anew (again)

  1. Hi Jamie, not sure if you remeber me, I am Sharon’s friend. Just wanted you to know that I do understand how you feel and it is going to be alright. Take a break and continue your life journey. Find a balance forgive and move on. 🙂

  2. I am glad you have restarted your blog writing. You are an amazing writer, I have worked with you for 4 years. No one disagrees…. Happy Writing…. and yes I agree with Janet, time heals all wounds. And with some wisdom over the years we all heal faster… after all, as we all get older we should heal faster since there is less time to indulge in what makes us unhappy.

  3. Hi Jamie, is never too late to start all over again. I’m happy for you, things will always get better if you keep trying in life, never ever give up. Keep pushing yourself forward!!!

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