This little warrior



#90daysofmindful (Day4)

When I forget what it means to be strong, I look to Gaston.

He was grossly infected with scabies and all manner of skin infections when I found him on a road 4 years ago. He had no fur left and couldn’t walk more than 4 or 5 steps before stopping to scratch and scratch and scratch again. He was in such agony and yet asked for nothing, never complained; just went his own way, trying to make it through the moment with a little less pain.

We picked him up and kept him in a friend’s empty house for weeks (because he was so infectious), gave him medicated baths and took him weekly for shots at the vet. He was alone for a lot of that time and full recovery took almost 3 months but he responded with nothing but patience, resilience and love in his eyes.

Today, he’s stronger than ever, playful, healthy and always, always loving, like he has never forgotten those early days when we first became friends. 

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