Tiny happiness – every day

I’m unashamedly stealing this idea off the Beautiful Bryonie’s series of Instagram images / daily musings for 2014 (such magic, so much beauty, lots of cleverness).

Also, it’s a tiny overlap with that brilliant idea of the happiness jar from Bronwyn. I’ve already got a jar going (and it’s filling up quick!) but I wanted to do something online too, as a sort of visual, emotional, mental diary of the million tiny good, happy, heart-wide-open moments that are there all the time (we just need to know how to look for them).

It is a practice of gratitude, love, affirmation; a slowing down of the minutes so I (re)learn to live-and-love everything as it should be in its most splendid, positive way.

So, here’s the first one, started on the first day of the new year of the horse:

new year

This new year of the unicorn: play. Feel the sun of my face and water on my skin. Move and stretch and swim the length of a country. Eat biscuits without guilt. Drive long drives into the lights of the city with a dear friend. Soda water and lemon. Secrets and giggling hehehe like a teenager. Gratitude for feeling young. Daring to let my heart open again (and maybe get broken). Singing. Taboo, the game. Telling truths over vodka. New friendships with people I’ve worked with but not really known.Cuddling and talking to the furbabies because they are always there full of love. Ice cream. Four days of living unapologetically for the first time in a very long time. Gratitude gratitude gratitude



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