TRA: Week 1

Here we go! Another diet programme. Since I have all the time in the world now and the freedom to plan my days, I really have no excuse not to follow this through, especially as it’s only for 3 months.

I’m now on The Right Approach programme, introduced to me by my cousin Beth and her boyfriend Bryan. It works by resetting your whole system and getting it to work efficiently and correctly again. It rebalances your fat and muscle percentages – reducing the fat and increasing the muscle so that your body increases its metabolic rate and “runs” as a more efficient engine by burning up excess fat continuously. It also gets rid of the nasty, dangerous visceral fats and helps your body (re)learn how to absorb the right and proper nutrients better – more than necessary for a lazy vegetarian like me who doesn’t plan her meals properly and relies far too much on bread and chips for meals.

I still get to eat the things I want but in moderation, and I’ll have to swap out the delicious, fattening, salty goodness of Marks&Spencers’ crisps for fruit if I want to snack. Along with that, I take several herb-based pills and vitamins with my meals, and replace either lunch or dinner with a chocolate-flavoured health shake.

Sounds doable, no? I’m on a Day 3 and am feeling good 🙂 This is making me wake up early to have a proper breakfast, which I haven’t done in about 10 years, cut out snacking (and not even feel peckish or hungry – miracle) and still get to eat what I want to eat while the herbal pills do their magic to sort out the chaos going on inside me.

The good thing about the diet is that it doesn’t want you to go hungry or deprive yourself of good food. In fact, it encourages you to eat well and draws from the nutrients that you’re taking in through your meals. So while I’m on this, I’ve also decided to start paying a bit more attention to what I’m eating and doing: looking up new recipes on Pinterest (come on, everything looks delicious on Pinterest), revisiting delicious old friends I’ve ignored for a long while (rocket, capsicums, spinach leaves, avocados – yum!) and picking up on an regular exercise regime again (Step, Combat and that monster of a stepper machine – yeah!).

Will be updating progress here on a weekly basis. It will be miracle enough if I last it out through the 3 months!

2 thoughts on “TRA: Week 1

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