TRA: Week 2 / 3

Sorry, I’ve been a bit lazy about updating this blog. I have, however been working very hard at my TRA program (apart from the slightly excessive binge I had yesterday on a giant bag of popcorn – ahem).

I have to be honest – I’m not too sure if I’m really that much thinner (probably not), because I’ve been wearing cotton dresses and stretchy comfy things recently so I can’t really tell if my trousers are looser. But I’m being religiously measured and weighed every week and the measuring tape tells me that cms are coming off!

Results so far (figures are from the time I started the program):
Weight lost: 1.5 kg
CMs lost around the abdomen: 7
CMs lost around the hip: 8

This feels painstakingly slow. Other results like visceral fat hasn’t dropped at all yet. I was hoping for dramatic losses like 5kgs, 20 cms off my stomach and no more visceral fat (!!) but I’m told that results vary and take a little time to kick off in the first month. And well, everyone knows about the unrealistically high expectations I put on everything. So let’s see how it keeps going.

I must say that I’m very proud of myself for being so disciplined about this. I’ve never woken up so early for breakfast before, nor stuck stoically to just eating fruit as snacks (okay, shh, we don’t need to mention that popcorn binge to anyone). I’ve also been paying more attention to eating healthier foods (salads, as opposed to a giant carbonara; fruit teas, as opposed to Cherry Cokes) and even cooking my own dinners again (and come up with some really wonderful dishes in the process!). I’ve also been going to the gym at least three times a week and doing really solid workouts. (Tip: watching a trashy series on your tab makes time on those boring, evil cardio machines go so much faster).

The hard work however is starting to pay off. Apart from the results on the measuring tape and the scales, there are also other little side benefits and lovely surprises along the way like:
– I can now sleep wonderfully and soundly through the night
– I wake up feeling energetic and rested
– my nails are growing beautifully and at an electric speed
– my hair doesn’t fall out as much
– amazing complexion (and no, it’s not from any fancy branded products)
– best of all: this lower back pain that I have had since forever is reducing hugely, even if I sleep in my favourite but really awkward, twisty, on-my-stomach way.

Onward and upwards!


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