TRA: Week 4

Wooooh! I’m well on my way to good health! Am almost a month into the programme and really loving it. The results of my weekly weight-in have gone up and down a bit over the last 3 weeks but apparently this is to be expected in the first month or so as the body tries to balance itself and figure out why it’s suddenly being healthy again after so many years of being pumped with unhealthy shit.

At the last weigh in, my weight, fat percentage and visceral fat have dropped, and muscle percentage has increased. The cms didn’t go down though, which was a bit weird; in fact, they went up! I’m putting this down to the fact that whenever I start exercising regularly and vigorously (more on this later) and try to be healthy, my body usually gets a bit bigger / bulks and bloats up a bit before it goes back down. I see the beginnings of a more toned tummy though (I can’t dare to call them proper abs yet!). So I hope it’s nothing to be worried about.

Have also been hitting the gym more furiously than ever. It’s been the best way to manage all the incredible rage I’ve got running around inside me. I’ve found myself so full of rage, so angry, that I literally feel like I’m going to be violent and start punching out walls. But rage can be useful, I think, when channeled in the right way – it’s been the fuel for some of the best novels, songs, journalism etc in history after all. So I go to insane combat classes and pound the shit out of the air (it helps to visualise the people or things you’re so intensely angry at), and / or pound the shit out of the cardio machines for 2 hours until I feel so completely exhausted that I don’t have enough energy anymore to feel angry.

Additional benefits of pounding the shit out of things at the gym: I sleep better, I will (hopefully) lose some cms around the flabby parts and best of all, I feel I have the excuse to eat a bit more cake for the week. Yum!

Also, because you need to take these carb and fat blocker pills (all herb-based, no chemicals, yay!) before meals and to drink a nutrient-loaded meal-replacement shake, I’m finding that it’s magically making me have less cravings, less inclinations to snack and overeat. In fact, (and I would never have believed I’d say this), I’m finding myself forcing myself to finish my meals now because I get full up so quickly. And there really must be something magical in this program, because I really am eating loads (I’ve been cooking my own meals and have terribly poor judgment of food portions, so I end up with oversized bowls of food), but the results are still good, my fats are still dropping and I’m physically looking slimmer too.

Still a damned long way to go… but at least I’m headed in the right direction!

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