TRA: Week 5

It’s been a bit shit this week. First of all, the results from my last weigh-in were nuts – everything went back to what it was before. My weight went up, fat percentage went back up, muscle went back down, cms all went waaaaaaay up to what I was before. I was gutted – a whole month’s work for nothing?

This was weird, especially as the first thing Beth and Bryan had both exclaimed when they saw me was how much slimmer / fitter I looked now. Actually, a lot of people around me have been saying they see a difference and that the program must be working because I’ve toned up and slimmed down.

But not the scales or the measuring tape – oh no. They had a whole other opinion. Fuckers.

Thankfully, i found out later that results can fluctuate around the time of your period. And since I bloat like a whole bouncy castle just before my period, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that my measurements were so way off.

I was told not to cheat this week (hah). But then I had a real bad spell of wanting to just lock myself in my room with the xanax again and hide from the world. (yes yes, there are more good days now but there are also still bad days). So for about 4 days, the only thing that got me out of bed was having to eat that damn breakfast and drink the bloody shake. I also wasn’t in the mood to be healthy and all that jazz. I just wanted to eat Linda McCartney’s veggie sausages all the time.

Also haven’t been able to go to the gym because I’ve successfully bashed up my thigh muscle and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. The medicated relief plasters I was putting on to reduce the pain gave me a rash – typical. I’m just not destined to exercise :p I’d be much better of sitting at home with a whole treacle tart to myself.

So heck, my weigh-in is probably going to be even more crappy tomorrow.

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