TRA: Weeks 11 & 12

I’ve been so slack with this it’s ridiculous. Still taking the pills, following the proper eating times (4 hours in between), no snacking (well, mostly) and all that, but the stuff I’ve been eating really hasn’t been great. I confess, there have been deep-fried things and sugary things and that occasional big bag of crisps.

I haven’t had a weight in, in over a month though so I don’t really what kind of havoc is really being wrecked on the inside. Weigh-in later this week, which coincides with the end of the 3 month programme. I’m a bit nervous about the results!

Like I’ve said before though, I have long started to think it’s really less about the programme than it is about just eating healthily and exercising. If you cut down the bad stuff, eat proper portions and meals, and lean down the snacking, then of course your body’s going to adjust accordingly, isn’t it? Don’t need no magic pills for that. My results also show this: good results on the weeks I’m disciplined with food and exercise; not-so-good results on the weeks that I’m not. It’s not rocket science, really. And I’ve figured that since it’s really not the programme that’s doing it, then it’s all back to me and what I do and eat, how I exercise and gobble.

I’ve also upped my workouts at the gym again, including an attempt at training myself to run (more on that later, let’s see how long I last first!).

My twisted logic then tells me that it’s therefore okay to eat the deep-fried things and the cupcakes from Just Heavenly, just balance it out another day and spend an extra few minutes at the gym tomorrow.

The only thing that I was really looking forward to achieving on this programme was to lower my visceral fat. It’s dropped (only) one measly point since I started, and I have about another 4 points to go to reach an ideal. Not quite sure it’s going to happen with all the fries and beer I keep guzzling.

But let’s see anyway. Results later this week *gulp*

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