People Who Need People Are the Luckiest People…

So I’ve come a long way in admitting that I’m just a big sucker for beautiful wedding photos. There’s just something so so happy about them, isn’t there? Something hopeful and joyous and wonderful — all the best sorts of feelings of love and friendship captured in a single click. (Don’t even get me started on my unhealthy addition with Style Me Pretty’s pinterest boards).

The celebrations were fantastic. I’d been looking forward to this party for a long time yet, mostly because I can’t think of two more amazing people whose life together I’d love to celebrate. What’s not to love about two really fantastic people coming together to share a new life together? If there were more Jasons and Bicycles becoming friends and partners, the world would surely be a much better place.

Such fun celebrations too. Whiskey bottles out by 11am during the tea ceremony (I tried to convince them to replace the tea in the tea ceremony with whiskey, it’s the same sort of colour, after all. No one took up the idea though, shame). A dinner party in a wine bar with a) three different sorts of cake b) a cheese platter c) balloons and a photo wall and d) no stuffy speeches. Yay! Could there be a better wedding than this! (no)

I tried to be clever with my dinky camera phone but there are some things even Instagram can’t do so most of the pix here are from my cousin Tasia, who takes awesome photos! (Thank you for letting me lift them all off your memory card).


(Okay, so Bicycle’s real name is Loo Guat).



Super cute, tongue-in-cheek, whimsical wedding photos, especially in this photo, where they both look like dollies! (I like dollies, so this is a compliment, clearly)



Aren’t they just gorgeous!



With Jason’s family



… because Loo Guat is elegant and beautiful like this



…um and because my cousin Jason is the only person I know who would wear Jack’o’lantern cufflinks on his wedding day. “But they’re smiling, it’s a happy day” he said.



An absolutely perfect, unexpected, spontaneous shot!



Dinner party!



An awesome balloon and photo ‘wall’ providing endless hours of entertainment!



Yay, cos this is so much cuter than subjecting your guests to endless photo slideshows synced with Peabo Bryson ballads. Just sayin’



This is must be said, because this is what makes them the trendiest couple of the year: there was a nicely done-up table for the couple, but Jason and Bicycle didn’t sit at it all night. They moved about and sat with everyone else, at all the other tables. Which then also meant that everyone else was sitting at their bridal table with their feet up on the chairs. Yeah! So that Victorian “Mr & Mrs” joined-at-the-hip thing: so out. Jason and Bycicle have brought back the sexiness of the independent, free-flow, just-be wedding.






Seriously, these kids were hanging about the photo wall ALL EVENING



Come ON, tell me this isn’t the most adorable photo you’ve ever seen!



But of course! A photo with the magic couple!



Jason, you are such a frickin’ rock star



And this is how I shall always remember Loo Guat, always giggling, always laughing, always a big twinkle in her eye like she’s thinking something she shouldn’t be…. (oo er, see next photo especially!)



See there’s that cheeky glint in her eye again



No, we the cousins did not just sit quietly at the party and eat spaghetti. We took photos of ourselves all night. (It must run in our blood, this narcissism)



My mummy is the cutest mummy in the world and don’t you forget it



Mum (the original effortless beauty!) and I checking out the balloon photos. PS check out my fuckin’ awesome huge false lashes for the night!



Hangin’ with my two aunts (love the great red-blue-yellow colour thing going on between the three of us)



With almost all the cousins and the lovely couple (L-R): Tasia, Jerome, Tee Yang, Jason, Loo Guat, Meeeee, Pei Li, Fiona, Sean, Justin


PicMonkey Collage

Thank you and goodnight! ‘Til the next wedding. Love! xxx


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  1. I came across your blog from a friend’s facebook page, she shared your link “5 ways to love a women.”

    I think your writting skills are very interesting and I could keep reading all night, I also love your quirky scence of humour and your honesty.

    All the way from South Africa

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