Welcome to The Effortless Beauty! (again)

IMG_20130323_123936I know it’s a bit silly that I’m only writing this 2 months after starting up the blog, but since I’ve decided to revive my Facebook fan page (here it is if you haven’t already “liked” it!… seriously, why haven’t you???) and link it back to here, I thought there should be some sort of nice welcome message for the week!

I started The Effortless Beauty just slightly over a year ago – long story short, the blog got hacked and my whole life direction changed, so I’ve restarted it all over again. Brand new me, brand new new, brand new blog, brand new new new everything. It’s surprisingly liberating to reinvent yourself even in the smallest of ways – even if it is just erasing an entire year’s worth of blogs (ouch, that did hurt a little) and starting from scratch.

The phrase “effortless beauty” has evolved a little over the last year too – now, after one Big Fat Experience, it takes on a different meaning for me personally which even I haven’t quite figured out how to articulate yet. The blog started off as a search for beauty in the most unlikely places and this remains the central theme of what I write. It’s important to note that when I talk about beauty in any of my writings, it’s not just a physical beauty but anything that evokes feelings of beauty, goodness, self-empowerment, confidence, spiritual joy. In short, anything that makes me, you and a dog named boo feel beautiful, in an effortless, open, truthful way.

I think I focused more on physical or external things in my blog posts and writing last year – things or people I found to be beautiful, or teachings and philosophies that were given to me that I thought were inspiring. While I would still like to keep this element in much of my writing (I like the license to be able to write about anything from a good cupcake to an entire new-age movement if I so fancy!), I’m also bring a more journaled aspect into the blog now. I’d like for this blog not just to be a series of thoughts or observations, but also a personal recollection of experiences. The How To Put Your Life Back Together series is a part of this – my own journey of putting things back in my day-to-day and therefore, (re)discovering beauty along the way.

I think I’m at the right and most perfect place and time to be doing this – I’ve just come out of a place where I had lost myself, become small and “ugly” for a long time. This is on top of feeling, all my life, like I’m always too fat, too awkward, too lumpy, too bumpy, too much of this and too little of that. As far as low self-esteem goes, I’ve held the crown for over two decades now; I reign supreme in the land of no-confidence. But this pageant’s getting a little old now, nobody watches it anymore and it’s time to ditch that tiara (now slightly dented and very faded) for a newer, brighter, more beautiful one. Let’s start anew, completely, at that super time of the “early thirties”. As far as that metaphor goes about being “over the hill”, I’d like to think there’s still a long way off for that. Right now, I’d like to think of myself as being right up there on the tippest top of that hill – like that Carpenters’ song.

So, I’ll fluff my hair and smack on some of that new Shu lip gloss I just got, and off we go.

While I’m still on a big path of learning (and boy is that path bumpy and hilly and sometimes full of damn pebbles), I hope that my journaling, recollections and sharings will still somehow also impart something useful to my readers (no matter how many or few).

Most of all, I hope that as I find things to feel beautiful about, so will you.

(As you do, please do share them. Pop me your ideas in an email, in the comments on on the Facebook page. Tell me what’s worked for you (because goodness knows I’m often in need of inspiration some days too!) or if there’s any aspect of beauty that you’d like me to look into and write about.)

*PS I put that silly picture up top because I think it was one of the most “effortlessly” happy moments I found myself in, in a long time (while on holiday in Jakarta with some of the best old friends in the world!). Yes, it’s vain and camwhorish, but it’s a strong, joyous reminder to myself of what it means and feels like to be “effortless”.

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