Wisdom from Women: A New Series

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Just had a fantastic little holiday where I’ve met up with some great old friends. It’s been a long while since I’ve seen them so there was much to catch up on. Some of these friends and I go way back over 15 years so as far as foibles, secrets and embarrassing stories go, there’s really nothing to hide. Catch up sessions like these are wonderful story-telling times, for everything to come out – your sad times, fears and disappointments, but also your good times and good news, things that make you laugh ’til the people at the next table start giving you dirty looks for being so annoying and loud.

Most of all, over all those meals, coffees and vodkas, I was bowled over by how strong, capable, amazing and powerful these friends have become. I felt prouder than ever to be able to even call them my friends. There was so much wisdom and clarity across the table. Then I remember that we’re supposed to be older and wiser now. We’re no longer just talking about the silly things we used to when we didn’t have anything to worry about, aged 18. These girls, like all of us, have gone through their fair share of hard times and dark places, and emerged more radiant than ever.

Many of our conversations turned to topics of self-empowerment and our individual journeys to peace, happiness and clarity. I have learnt more from the shining examples of these few girls, over just a few hours at dinner, than I have been for years in a job that sought to promote these very same qualities.

I thought I’d start documenting the wisdom that these incredible women have shared, lived and talked about. Mostly, they are things that we probably innately know already or which have already been discussed infinitely by the Oprahs and Ellens of the world. But it helps to hear it again, animated and alive, from someone you know and love; to see how they are applying these same wisdoms into their lives, how they bring that wisdom to you and the many intimate things they know about you, how they make it real.

One last thing, this new idea was triggered while meeting those few friends over this little holiday but really, it’s not only because of and about them. I have to acknowledge that there have already been many, many incredible women in my life all along who have been unbelievable pillars of love, support, confidence and wisdom to me (and many others) for years. This series if for all of you, who I love dearly xxx

ps Coincidentally, most of these friends are women. This isn’t some raging feminist, reverse-sexist thing. It just happens they’re girls. There have been many guys in my life who have also shared incredible advice and love – there’ll be another series for them, wait for it!


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