You are not a machine

Apt really, that I’ve just written an article about beating stress and learning to rest (will post up soon!)

This, below, is fantastic for the case against over-working (which happens in our world far more frequently than we’d think or like to believe) and the case for rest (which is so severely overlooked these days).

So you’re working like a machine, clocking in however many-many hours a day, out to save the world and wear your work-schedule like a badge of how capable, selfless, committed and efficient you are. You’re living in that pressure cooker, that delightful 21-st century society that tells you constantly that you’re not good enough, work harder, stay longer, run faster, aim higher, there’s someone out there who can do it better than you!

Does it really work in the long-run? I know it doesn’t for me. And all that feeling of tiredness and smallness just isn’t worth that badge.

(Thanks Eeva, for posting this on FB. You epitomise the very essence of health, peace and beauty so this coming from you is more powerful than ever!)



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